A New Start Awaits | 3.5.21

I spoke at length yesterday about the need to start looking out our old windows with new eyes, about the need to find all that’s “new” right outside our front door, to appreciate the beauty of each moment we’re given. I stand by this, but I’m here today to say that we, all of we scattered across this planet, contain multitudes, and we’re allowed to feel two ways at one time. Something that’s been happening behind the closed doors of our house over this last year, is a collective shift in how we feel about where we are. Sarah and I have gotten very real with one another, and dove as deep as you can possibly dive into the pool of “who are we” and “what do we actually need?”

These questions give birth to other questions, and the tangents spin on and on, before long you have a web of wonderings about what matters, what makes you feel the most alive, and what makes you feel dormant and trapped. I am so lucky, and feel so thankful that she and I are made of similar stuff, that we’ve got an outlook that mirrors one another, and that we truly do want very similar versions of very similar dreams.

What we’ve come to learn about ourselves, what we’ve come to know, is that we both need the sea, we both need shoreline and salt in the air, we need leafy forests, we need green, we need life and things that grow, we need a pace that is in rhythm with our heartbeats, and we need to be there more often than we’re not. Montana is a beautiful place, filled with magic and majesty, but there is so much that does not suit us, and I am so proud that we both have the strength and courage to admit this, to look forward and begin planning the next chapters of our lives, even if they are a few years out.

We’re staring at it, some new home on some new horizon, and we’re planning it with excitement and verve. It’ll come, I know it will, but for now, we’re looking for all the beauty, all the new, right around us. It’s ok to do both. I promise.

We're staring at it,

new home on a horizon,

a new start awaits.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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