A Song Of Content | 3.22.21

I’ve a heart that’s played so many songs, so many different rhythms, so many different melodies. I’ve a heart that’s raged, that’s thumped wildly like metal music angry at the world, I’ve a heart that’s piano sonatas on a rainy evening with the screen door letting a breeze through. I’ve a musical heart, and it’s been a dozen dozen soundtracks throughout the course of these nearly 40 years. Right now, if I’m honest — and I’m always honest here, it’s the only way I know to be with you all — I’ve a heart that’s been playing strange experimental music in a million ways, that’s been trying to find the sonata soothing sounds, but hasn’t been able to slow. I’ve a heart that is being pulled to the bagpipe and guitar sounds of Scotland and Ireland, I’ve a heart that is filled with whatever songs the sea sings, but I am too far to decipher them. I am here, listening for them, leaning my ear closer, but I cannot make them closer, I cannot and it is making me crazy.

One thing though, one thing through all these strange and tumultuous times, has brought a slower beat to my heart, one thing has muffled that raging drum set as it always has, as it always will. It’s her.

Apologies if you come here and are weary of hearing about what slows this heart of mine, if you are sick of listening to me praise this woman, for I know no other way. I am a man that feels lost in a billion ways on a billion days, and I must throw light on the one that holds me together. This year has been trying in ways I never saw coming, and I truly don’t know how, or if, I would have held it together without her constant breath as my metronome.

My advice, whomever, or whatever, is this for you in your life…shower them with the praise they deserve. IF it’s yourself, praise yourself, because after what we’ve all been through, YOU deserve it. Listen to the song of your heart, find the ways to make it beautiful.

Quiet in this heart,

pulse like a muffled drum set,

a song of content.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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