Across Some Stormy Sea | 11.11.20

Strange things can happen when you least expect them to, if only you’re open for the message. I know, I probably drive you all crazy with how often I post photographs of Scotland, of Ireland, of these places that pull my heart like a magnet. I cannot help it, for when I first traveled there, I was open and ready to absorb fully the experience. To say it seeped into me, to say it stuck, is an understatement. Perhaps it’s the pull of my ancestral roots, perhaps it’s the feeling of absolute calm and wonderment I feel when I am in these places, perhaps it’s nothing more than some seed of wanderlust that won’t stop growing. Whatever the case, HOME has taken a new meaning and no longer means Montana. Home, is these beautiful places I know I will one day reside in. Strange things, indeed.

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