All I Want Is Less | 12.6.20

As I age, and aging I am, I have noticed a trend emerging in my life: I want less. I am tired of the things I own, I am tired of the rat race that life has become, the shopping ads on social media, the bombardment by every retailer you can possibly imagine at every turn. I am tired of being spied on by Alexa and having them listen to conversations to try to determine which commercials to pop up on my phone. I am tired of everything being about obtaining more. I want less, and I mean this with my whole heart. I want a smaller house, an older car, I want less furniture and I want less technology. I want a fireplace in a cottage, I want the sea beyond my doorstep, I want rainfall, I want heather, I want long walks into green hills, I want peace. I don’t know why everything is aimed at material gain, at money and the endless pursuit of it, but I am weary of it all, and I want less. Strange this, the transformation from a kid mowing lawns to buy a CD, to a man standing here wishing I could never again purchase a thing. I wonder where we go, I wonder why we go there.

So many I see

always wanting so much more.

All I want is less.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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