And Called It Enough | 4.22.21

Creatures of our own creation, we humans. Creatures of our own destruction, too. We aim our sights at this strange cult of busy-ness, call it successful if we’re always distracted, always moving, always working towards some end. Call ourselves entrepreneurs if we try to turn every hobby into a hustle, call ourselves creators, influencers, and somewhere along the way, forget we’re human beings at all. We’re cogs in a machine, 0’s and 1’s in the great algorithm of the cloud, who are we if our Likes fall, who are we if we lose followers for speaking our truths, who are we if we don’t sign up for every new social media platform, who are we if we never go viral?

I’m for spending entire days staring at clouds, I’m for entire sunlight hours of daydreaming, for searching out shapes in the sky. I’m for a simple wander, for making memories instead of posts, for sucking every drop of joy out of twenty four hours doing almost nothing at all, then calling that enough. Join me, let’s take back what is to be human, what it is to be successful, what it is to be alive. Let’s go back, back to when things were so much simpler. Let’s go back to the mystery.

Happy Earth Day as well, my fellow humans, which comes at the perfect time for this little newsletter, as I believe firmly that if we all head backwards, we’ll end up saving this planet of ours. All this we call progress is destroying our beautiful planet, and there’s ways we can all step up to fix it. Let’s begin today, and let’s do it together.

Staring at the clouds

I spent the whole day dreaming

and called it enough.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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