Be It Sun Or Moon | 3.27.21

Been thinking about love lately, all the ways it is manifested, all the different forms it can take. Reminds me of light, it does, a million different sources of shine, and we can get warmth from so many different versions of it. Somewhere along the way, love gets all mixed up and confused and organized in some hierarchal way, certain forms of it taking the top spot, others relegated to something hovering just above worthless. We view romantic love as this pinnacle, this peak we must struggle and suffer to reach before we can call ourselves successful. Everest of loves, romantic love, and so we climb. What of all the others? What of the view from so many other mountaintops? What of friendship? What of family? What of the love we receive from our pets, our siblings, our friends, hell, even the barely whispered love of those we want to call friends but just haven’t quite gotten there yet? I have a distinct feeling that if we attributed the same value to each kind, a hell of a lot less loneliness would be suffered, a lot less pressure on ourselves.

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