Big Enough To Hold It All | 1.20.21

Historic day, today. This morning the final hours of a one presidency, and the start of a new one. A shift, in tone, in meaning, in direction, and we shall see where it leads. I stand here hopeful, ready for what is coming, ready for a change in the winds that have been blowing out of the east, ready for more light, and hopefully a lot less darkness. Time will tell, it always does, but for now I remain hopeful, I remain positive, and I hope so much nothing terrible occurs during the Inauguration today. Fingers will be crossed, my heart beating fast to try to keep up. Hope with me, we need it.

Speaking of hearts, my haiku today is about precisely that. About hearts that we think are one size when we are young, this triumphantly large size that can absorb, hold, and encompass all we will ever find, all those we will ever love. It’s not until much later that we realize, as hard as we try, it all cannot fit. We stretch it to make room, but as we grow some fade out, some more fade in. We replace what is lost, but still we miss what was, phantom pains from past loves. This is the nature of us.

I know now, my heart was never big enough to hold all I would love, but the universe has ways of helping with that, an auto-balancing act that takes place often without us being any the wiser. Still, always, we miss what was, we pine for what will be.

Used to think it huge,

big enough to hold it all,

but it never was.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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