Call It Gravity | 5.30.21

The Sunday Edition

Oh humans, oh we simple creatures, we superstitious lot. We, the star-namers, the story-tellers, we the religion-makers trying to make sense of the darkness. So long we’ve stared into the night sky and invented myth to make ourselves feel better, make ourselves feel part of something bigger than ourselves, so long we’ve wrestled with all we cannot control. Maybe, all this time, we’ve been right with the tales we spin, maybe we’ve known more than we ever gave ourselves credit for, maybe the stories we passed down like gospel from one child to the next, were true all along.

I do not know what you all believe, sitting wherever you are reading this on your Sunday, I do not know if you think we create our own futures, if you think destiny is for Disney and we’re all in complete control of where we end up, and why we end up there, and that’s fine. I’m just here to offer a maybe, just here to say that there’s a magic “what if” that has lingered since time was recorded, what if there’s a thread we’re tied to, a string that pulls us precisely where we’re supposed to be, exactly when we’re supposed to be there? What if all the ache, all the joy, all the boring moments, all the elation, all the pleasure, pain, loss, gain, what if it’s all part of something so much bigger than we are?

What if the people we meet were supposed to find their way into our lives when they did, how they did? What if the losses of relationships or friendships are part of it too, the mourning we need to push us into the people we’re destined to become? You can call this fate, you can call it destiny, you can call it whatever you wish, but just what if there is something being told that’s enormous, bigger than us, bigger than time and space and the whole of what we know? Sometimes, you stumble into a situation and you realize that everything you’ve endured to that moment, good and bad, have led to it, that it’s for you, and you alone. That it changes everything. I have felt this, I have seen this, hell I have written 3000+ poems about this, and so I’m here to say that I believe I’m part of a story being told that’s universe big and eternity long, that I will get to where I’m going whether I like it or not, that I can change a million details along the way, but the outline of my story is there, waiting for me.

Control what we can, let go of trying to control all we cannot. Fix the minute details, cherish the broader story, and all we can do is be the very best versions of our characters as we possibly can. In this story, we can be those that people root for, were they to watch, the heroes not the villains.

If you’ve had a moment that makes you feel connected to that great big something, I am so happy you have. If you have not yet, and you still feel anchorless and drifting, I promise, it’ll come. Love the details you add to your tale, and wait to see where things lead, I have a sneaking suspicion, it will be somewhere great. After all, maybe, just maybe, it is written that way.

Call it gravity,

but it was something bigger,

that brought you to me.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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