Finally! Chasers of the Light Hoodies + Tees!

Your Wish Is My Command

Friends, at long last I found a way to deliver upon to you something you’ve all been wanting, inquiring about, demanding, for far too long. You’ve all wanted hoodies and tees for Chasers of the Light, to show people that you are in fact a light chaser, a member of a community of rare and like-minded people that do, in fact, chase light all over the world, all through their days. I wanted something simple, I wanted something that felt like a mixture of vintage and maybe even a bit tattoo’y. I also wanted something that paid tribute to the lightning that struck me when I was 17, that struck my Mom when she was 15, that struck my Dad when he was 40, the lightning I write about like muse so often. I think we landed upon a winner, and I am psyched to finally have a way for you all to have them, without me ending up with a garage full of merch that may not be ever sold, remaining wasted for eternity.

SO, without further ado, click the button below and get yourself a hoodie, a unisex tee, or a women’s tee in a variety of colors. Share this far and wide to anyone you think wants to show the world they too are a light chaser, that they too see the world how we do. The campaign closes officially in 10 days, so if you’re into it, best get ordering! :)

Chasers Hoodies + Tees!