From All You Endured | 1.15.21

A question I’ve been trying to ask more in the relationships that fill my life is a simple one, but one of massive importance. It’s a question that forces us to think outside ourselves, but it’s also a question that requires us to be fully prepared to listen, to truly listen to the answer given. So often in our lives we ask questions for no other reason than the automatic habit of asking, “How are you?” “What’s up?” “How’s it goin?” and yet we don’t even really register the true response. This question, the one posed in the haiku below, is one that forces us outside the auto-ask-ignore-answer mode, and makes us truly think.

Find someone in your life that you think needs to answer this question, that needs to open up about it, and ask. What more do you want? What would bring you freedom from all You endured? Listen, do nothing but listen, and do not try to fix it immediately. Just listen. People will tell you, often with their words, often with all they are not saying. Sometimes, the best gift we can give is just our undivided attention, our instinct to truly care.

What more do you want,

what would bring you a freedom

from all you endured?

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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