Green On Green On Green | 1.22.21

I speak of following your heart, and I speak of it often. I think, if I’m honest, it’s because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my nearly 40 years spent wandering this planet it is this: If we ignore the calling of our hearts and souls, if we shush them too often, they stop calling out. I think so many people we are surrounded by end up living lives uninspired for this reason, for far too long they put their fingers to their lips, and breathed out a shhhhh to their souls, telling them they’ll have time later, they’ll listen later, they’ll obey, only later. Sometime down the road, however, that lonely soul stops reaching out, stops reminding you, and before we know it we are quiet, empty, sorrowful.

There’s a solution to this, and it’s not the giant dramatic “sell-everything-and-go” solution some peddle. It’s much smaller, and it’s much easier. Start listening to that soul of yours, and instead of shushing it, obey it in small ways that you can accommodate at the time. If you cannot vanish into the Irish sunset like my heart has been calling me to do lately, you can vanish into your own sunset, and you can walk more in nature, you can be outside even twenty minutes more than you usually are. Find the small ways you can listen to your soul, and actually do so.

What is yours saying to you after all this crazy pandemic time? What’s it calling you to? In what ways can you listen, can you act?

Green on green on green,

then dissolving into blue.

I dream of this place.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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