Happy Christmas! | 12.25.20

A man of words, I’ve only a few today, and they are simple. Happy Christmas, wherever you are, whether you celebrate it or no, just Happy Christmas. It’s been one hell of a year, and we’ve endured more as a species than we ever saw coming, so any opportunity for celebration, even if it’s distanced, even if it’s odd, even if it’s like nothing we’ve done before, take it. Happy Christmas to you, to yours, and I hope today, above all things, you feel loved. I hope you feel warmed by the realization that no matter how bad it gets, there are people that love you, care for you, and would do whatever they can to be there for you if you needed. If you cannot think of a single other person when I say these words, think of me, for I am that now, for you.

If ever you need, reach out, and I am here. You’re never alone, not this Christmas, not ever.

Happy Christmas light chasers. Thank you for your warmth.

I can still feel it,

the sleepless apprehension,

of this magic day.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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