How We Are Allowed To Love | 4.11.21

The Sunday Edition

A few days back, I spoke about how I will fight, always, for equality. How I will risk the mass exodus of those who do not believe that every human being should be allowed to love whom they wish to love, marry who they wish to marry, have children with whomever they wish to have children with. Somewhere along the way, a whole pile of heterosexual people got it into their heads that they are the authority on love, that they are the final word on how that love should be allowed, how it should be shared, how it should be upheld. The ridiculousness of this would fill too many newsletters, too many Sunday Editions, but I want to touch on this again, both in response to the outpouring of support from the last time I brought this up, and to the repeated homophobic and transphobic legislation that keeps making the rounds through local governments, both my own, and dozens of others scattered around these “United” states. Don’t pardon my language here, but who in the ever-loving fuck do these people think they are? Who are these people to say how we are allowed to love, what shape it can take, what form we’re allowed to manifest it, to legalize it, to celebrate it? I am tired of cisgendered, heterosexual, most often white Americans deciding that their point of view is gospel, that the sheltered nature of their own upbringings is something that must be protected, must be upheld, must be passed down like some ignorant tale, grunted around some cave fire by those not yet evolved. It’s time we stopped this narrative, it’s time we banded together, fought together, to introduce a new history, a new story that includes truth that there has Always been multiple forms of love, of relationships, of connection, and there always will be.

Fact is friends, the tide has turned, and these archaic ways of thinking are no longer the majority, no longer the dominant force. There is an army of humanity that either belongs to the LGBTQIA+ community, or fights fiercely as an ally to it, and we’re not going to simmer down, not going to censor our voices, not going to stand idle while bullshit laws are passed unobstructed and free.

I am tired of waking each day to see some new form of prejudice dominating headlines, I am tired of seeing my friends, my family, struggle and fall asleep each night with fingers crossed for something that looks a little bit like equality. I am tired of privilege, and those who enjoy it not using it for something better than insulating their own lives against the noise of injustice. It’s time to stand up, to use whatever privilege you do have to demand change. Show up at the rally, write the letter to your representatives, wave the flags in all their rainbow glory. Stand up, show those precisely what it means to be on the wrong side of history.

It is time.

Who are they to say

how we are allowed to love,

how we can share it?

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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