How We Fill The Middle | 12.26.20

Any analysis of life must also include death, that’s plain and that’s simple. We are three things, when broken down, three. We are birth, we are death, and we are everything in between. We think little of the first, celebrating it once a year with candles and a cake, we think entirely too much of the second, focusing on it often to a point of obsession, trying every trick in every book to delay it. What goes overlooked, however, what stays forgotten and hardly regarded, is everything in the middle. The center of this existence, all we know as living.

It’s easy to worry about death, it’s consuming but it comes naturally. We fear what we cannot control, we fear our ends. What we should fear, the thing that should push us further into what actually constitutes joy, is getting to that end without having filled the middle. The whole point of this strange journey is to live, is to fill up our life with memories, with some stunning slideshow of images, not race from the start to the finish trying to accumulate all we can. We’re here to laugh, to travel, to create, to enjoy, we’re here to define ourselves through the life we lead, the people we are. I forget this sometimes, we all do, and I hope this serves as a reminder to myself and to you reading this, to fill your middle with something beautiful. The ends will come, we will be forced to meet them no matter what we try to do, all we can do is get there with a mind full of memories, a heart full of love, and the courage to face it smiling.

How we meet our end,

how we fill the middle.

This is who we are.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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