Hues Of Your Hopes | 2.26.21

If ever there was a time, a place, a year for the mixing of dreams, the combining of hopes, it is this time, it is this place, it is this year. I’ve been thinking a lot about what all can separate us, what all can divide us and make us feel isolated from the world, from one another. I’ve been thinking about ways to overcome this, and it turns out, even thinking of this helps to do so. This is the point, I think, that we need to focus more on what unites us, rather than what estranges, what we share, not what else makes us split. If the same effort was expended on this act of pouring, this blending of hopes, fears, dreams, wishes, that was used up on pointing out and highlighting our differences, what a place this would be.

It’s funny, we’re presented with thousands of opportunities a year to do precisely this, yet so often we (and I am most certainly guilty of this) look for the little ways we swear we’re unique instead, we look for the cracks, not the whole that it makes. I think fear is to blame often in this pulling apart, fear of being too similar to another, fear of being wrong, fear of feeling silly for needing what we need, dreaming what we dream. I think habit, too, shoulders some of this blame. We get so used to finding flaws and juxtapositions, we forget that we’re all pretty damn similar, across the board, no matter how we came to be where we came to be.

This year, in this place specifically, these United states, we need more of this unity, and we need more effort spent trying to first find the ways we’re the same, then building from there. I know there are some things that will stay differences, and I know that some of these can be deal-breaking, and that is ok. All I’m saying is, look for what we share, mix them together, and maybe we’ll end up stronger in the process.

Mix yours into mine,

the colors that you dream of,

the hues of your hopes.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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