I Am For The Sparks | 4.17.21

Right out beyond the pane, beyond the pain, there’s a fire burning. Funny how it’s only the contrast that shows it off, that gives it its glow. Flames in daylight seem like nothing at all, seem like waste of heat and fuel, flame in the pitch of midnight and it’s the savior, the monster killing bastion of hope. We sit in our dark homes and look across the darkness and see it, small as a speck on the horizon, calling us on the other side of that window pane, and we feel its warmth. Despite distance, despite silence, despite fear, we feel the heat and we are drawn to it. Somewhere along the way we lose sight of this fact, we shut the curtains to that signal fire on the hillside, and we instead languish in the familiar emptiness, we don’t brave the late hours to stand beside it, to reach our hands out and feel them warm.

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