I Am Wide Open | 1.10.21

Is there a better (but often more painful) way to go through this life of ours, than to be wide open to everything it throws at you? I understand the vulnerability in this viewpoint, I know how much it can leave you susceptible to getting hurt, maybe over and again, but I truly believe the is the way forward. Part of my aforementioned ASD, is being perforated and extremely sensitive to everything the world offers. I feel EVERYTHING, but what’s more, I absorb so much too. The rises and falls of each day seep in through all these tiny cracks in me, and before I understand what’s happened, it’s 3/4 through a day and I’m 500% heavier than I was when I woke. The challenge in all this, is I don’t notice until I’m there, 500% heftier and dragging myself, worn out without knowing why.

Here’s the rub…I wouldn’t change a thing. Going through life this way, open to all that it throws, absorbing the highs and the lows, it’s what is responsible for every piece of art I have ever created. Being full and spilling over with the beauty of this place, the pain of it as well, has been the catalyst for the creation that keeps me going.

My question to you is this: Are you one of these people? Do you feel it all, absorb most of it, and are you wide open to the world? If so, how do you cope with it, how do you stay balanced?

Feeler of all things,

and absorber of many.

I am wide open.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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