I Run Out Of Air | 2.28.21

Passionate guy, I am. Storyteller, too. When these two elements combine, I run out of air, and I run out often. When I tell a tale, I tell it all, all the details that might not seem necessary, but add flavor to the telling. I am sure this drives my wife nutty from time to time, making her sigh with patient disbelief that once again I am discussing the color of the sky during the story, the way the wind felt, the speed of the birds that flew overhead when whatever was happening was happening. This may be the origin of all my poetry, all my writing, all my creativity, this weird belief that every single detail matters, that they all paint a picture bigger and brighter than it would ever be without them.

This made me wonder, when you tell stories, do you do the same? Do you add in details that probably don’t matter (to most) but do to you? Do you paint a visual for the person listening? I don’t speak to enough people to know if I’m unique in this way, I don’t have any idea.

Point is, it’s the details to me that are the story. It’s the details that should be the centerpiece, and the reveal at the end should come from the way we led our listeners there. Take away the details, and the points lose their sharpness, strip away all that delicious fluff, and we’re nothing but the atoms when the space is taken away, damn near invisible and light as air.

I run out of air

often in the middle of

all my sentences.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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