I Will Keep You Safe | 12.8.20

Deepest part of Winter, these next few weeks, days of darkest hours. We’ve more night and less day than any other part of this year, and through it, I will keep you safe. I will protect from the monsters, be they real or imagined, be they out there, or locked inside yourself. I will soothe, I will satisfy, I will defend with my body, my heart, with the hands that know only holding you. I will be the strength when you’re weary, I will be the lap you lay your head upon. I will fight, and I will scream, and I will stand between you and whatever you do not wish to face. Tell me where your courage ends, and I will begin mine there. Tell me when to stand behind you, and I will watch you defeat the rest.

Through the darkest days,

through the nights of endless black,

I will keep you safe.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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