ILLUMINATION - New Book Cover Reveal!

Coming March 30th!

My friends, my confidants, my esteemed colleagues and light chasing beautiful souls spread across this troubled planet. Today, I bring (what I hope) is some good news finally!

My new book, Illumination, is coming March 30th and we have a cover!

This book is something special, it’s quite literally a collection of poetry to light up the darkness, to bring hope, peace, and a sliver of solace to all of you in what’s certainly been the most trying year any of us can remember. It’s filled with words, with photographs, with love, and with light, and I absolutely cannot Wait for you to get your hands on it.

This, precisely this, is why I’m reaching out for a second time this morning, for I need your help. Here’s the deal…with Instagram algorithms, Facebook controlling literally everything, and all the reasons that led me to create this newsletter, it’s been harder than ever to not only spread the good news about new books, or anything else, but to sell copies of books, it’s putting me in jeopardy of this being my last book published. I truly don’t know what’s going to happen after this one, and we can send a huge message to the world, to publishers, to social media tyrants, that poetry matters, will always matter, and will always be something we’re willing to support. Every single pre-order from you goes so damn far in helping achieve this, in helping prove that it’s not just the micro poets and Insta-celebrities with millions of followers that can sell books.

I know times are tight, I know this pandemic has screwed us all over royally, (trust me, my wife and I haven’t had a real paycheck in a YEAR, literally) but if you can, if you wish, please, please pre-order and spread the news about this. I promise the book is beautiful, I promise it’s worth it, and I promise to love you forever. So, if you are keen, click the button below and order from your favorite indie bookstore, local shop, Amazon, Target, wherever you choose. Thank you, from the bottom and top of my heart. Thank you.

Pre-Order Illumination!

Feel free to share this as far and wide as you wish! Every little grassroots bit helps!