It's Calendar Time Again!

Pre-Order 2022 Calendars NOW!

Last year, I answered the siren call from all you beauties to finally make a Chasers of the Light Calendar. You responded in your typically wonderful and completely overwhelming fashion buy pre-ordering them faster and furiouser than I could have ever anticipated. Now, I’m answering your (frequent, if I’m honest) new calls for a new calendar for 2022. That’s right, it’s back, it’s beautiful, and it’s even better than last year’s! Plus, when the months have gone, we designed it so each page is a standalone piece of art that can be saved and hung up. Cool, right?

Once again, we’re gonna rock a little pre-order campaign so I don’t end up with a garage full of unsold and wasted calendars, ruining both my spirits and the environment. Due to supply chain b.s., shipping delays, and all the nonsense that a global pandemic is causing, we’re going to start this earlier than last year so we give ourselves the best chance at getting them into your hands before the holiday season officially kicks off. That means, quantities will be limited, so if you click the really pretty green button below, it’ll take you to the site so you can snag one (or a few, they make really rad gifts haha) for yourself. If you happen to be an international orderer, please email me at and we can set it up through PayPal, as it’s a bit more work with the customs forms, etc. So, if you’re wanting a rad holiday gift, why not pre-order now? I love you six thousand.

Pre-Order 2022 Calendars Now!