It's Time For Escape | 12.4.20

A plea, because right now I’m feeling like the pleading type: Please, be safe, please wear a mask, please stay home from those big events if you can, please help de-clog the hospitals, please stop putting yourself and others at risk. This world is wide and vast and beautiful and exciting and stunning and it’s calling out to all of us. We need to be healthy to see each other, we need to be alive to celebrate this planet and all its differences. We need to keep one another safe, we need to give our medical community the break they so deserve, we need to buy each other TIME above all things. Time for vaccines to work, time for this virus to be pushed back, time for healing. There’s so much world out there, and I know right now we’re all dissolving into the fabrics of our home, I know right now we’re missing being the rambling souls we are, but my goodness we can fix this. This is not a political post, this is not a idealogical one, this is simple humanity: Let’s save each other. Let’s save each other so we can hold one another again, so we can all celebrate the passing of this strange, strange time in our existence. Let’s start, now.

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