Just Give Me Today | 1.11.21

Nothing is as overlooked, under appreciated, wasted, and forgotten more than Today. We look backwards and regret all we didn’t do just quite right, we look forward and hope for something new, something better, and in the process we skim right over all that is, right now, around us. We waste a life looking over our shoulders and beyond our horizons, we plan and we rue, we feel melancholy or apprehension, but we don’t just sit and soak in the exquisite perfection of today.

Trust me, I am very well aware that sometimes today sucks, sometimes there’s a lot of rubbish going on, a lot of heartache, stress, and reasons to look back or forward, and I appreciate this, I relate to this, and I get it. Today can be a weight we have to carry no matter how we’re actually feeling, but I think it’s also an opportunity to re-shift how we see that weight. I think we can begin, slowly at first, to treat it as a weight we’re lifting for exercise, rather than burden. We’re choosing this viewpoint, we’re choosing this weight, we’re deciding to see the beauty of the broken rather than just the pieces it can present as. We waste today for tomorrow, thinking that tomorrow will always be better. Problem is, tomorrow is just another today waiting to happen, and if we cannot learn to love each today, we’re never going to be happy. Tomorrow is the rainbow we swear we can catch up to if we run fast enough, the closer we get, the further away it is.

Starting, when else, today, practice seeing this differently. Pick up that weight, and truly feel it, and if today happens to be joyful, celebrate the hell out of it, rather than already planning for how it’ll one day disappear.

So much time we waste,

waiting for a tomorrow.

Just give me today.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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