Losing My Salt | 3.1.21

I’m fascinated, something you all know by now, by just about everything. My curiosity leaps into the party before any other part of me, making me wonder about all things, making me want to dive deeper into them, to learn, to understand. What I’m curious of right now, is how many people are like me out there, how many people are sentimental to the point of losing their salt on a daily basis. Crying, folks, sorry for being all poetical.

The strangest things bring forth tears, situations, people, songs, moments of film or television, even thoughts that wiggle their way into my brain without knowing where or why. I would say with little hesitation, at least once a day tears are in my eyes and find their way to my shirtsleeves, to my beard. This leads me to wonder: Are you similar in this? Are you a frequent cryer, or is it a rarity? What makes you lose your salt? Are you a sentimental sort?

I’ve not seen a global poll on something like this, so I have no way of knowing, but I am so truly fascinated what makes some people be ok with crying, while others hold theirs like gold in some vault. Is this a nature vs. nurture situation, some variable in how we are raised? Is it a sensory thing? Is it an inherent personality trait? I know not, but perhaps this little microcosm we’ve created can help shine a little light on it. Perhaps you’ll help.

Sentimental sort,

seem to be losing my salt,

wiping it away.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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