Love Is Forgetful | 4.23.21

There’s something we’re not taught in middle school health class, not shown in high school relationships, college hook-ups, or even our fumbling twenties. There’s something many of us may have never been taught by our own parents or by those who were to be our guides for what love is, the shape it should take when you find someone worth investing your heart in, when you become someone worth a heart’s investment into you. It is this: Love is forgetful of itself. Love needs to be reminded, and often, who it truly is, the beauty that lives within it. If we become the mirror, love can see itself as it is, as it’s always been, and can come back to itself. Love is forgetful, and if ignored too long begins to fall into some amnesia haze of disbelief and confusion, it can lose its words, lose its strength, it can wither like unwatered plant, it can fade entirely. My advice, take it or leave it as you wish, is to remind love of itself when it finds its way into your life, and remind it often. Fuel its little fire with offerings of your own devotion, simple kindling to the flames that should not be left to go out. Remind it, and remind it often. Love is forgetful, we cannot be.

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