Maybe We Will Grow | 3.11.21

We put a pressure on ourselves to love every moment we’re faced with, call ourselves negative, pessimists, cynics if we do not. We think positivity is the only path forward, that grinning while enduring it is the answer, we think ourselves weak if we struggle, if we falter, if we long for something else. Why? Why does light carry more worth than dark, why does joy assume higher value than sorrow? Are we not made of both, are we not built to house the juxtaposition of all things?

I love this place I call home, this state that’s held me for longer than it hasn’t, this much is true. But. There is a but, isn't there always, I feel my heart looking for something else every day. I find myself waking and longing for green, for sea, for growth unchecked. I find myself longing for stormy skies and rainfall, for moss, for fern, for blue above and blue below and life in between.

It is ok to have bigger dreams, it is ok to want growth around you, within you. It’s ok to feel stale and stagnant and to feel like you don’t fit where you are sometimes. It’s ok to change it all when the time comes, to prioritize yourself, the opposites inside you, and to chase down that growth. Home will always be where you fall back in love with waking up, it’s up to us to decide where that is, what that looks like, who we are when we do.

With a bigger sky

maybe we'll have bigger dreams,

maybe we will grow.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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