Now It's All So Much | 4.1.21

It was mud puddles and the defiant smearing when Mom said no. It was all that stayed when the hose shut off in some broken piece of driveway, couple steps from Fifth Avenue. It was superhero undies and a cheap t-shirt. Wasn’t it first barefoot days of summertime when Spring chill finally wandered off? Things were simple then, time was simple, nothing mattered but finishing breakfast as fast as you could to get outside, then staying. Nothing mattered except those last precious ten minutes when light faded and the sound of your name shouted from two blocks away echoed through the neighborhood, the call of home. Somewhere along the way things get complicated, we lose sight of ourselves, distracted by technology and some incessant pull towards what we’re told success means. Somewhere along the way we step over the mud puddles, avoid them to keep our shoes clean, we complain about summertime and the heat that rises, worry about air conditioning bills and the newest iPhone that may be coming out soon.

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