Of This Worn Out Soul | 1.17.21

How strange we human beings, how odd we people wandering through a life. What a strange blend of traits, we bipedal hairless apes. I think of this often, how many versions of ourselves can coexist inside the same skin, how many different people scream out for our attention from deep in the recesses of these shells we call home. I am one thing, I know this, one thing you all call Tyler Knott Gregson, but I am a thousand variations of that worn out soul. I am a man of opposites, I am a man of similarities, I am a man of joy, of sorrow, of ambitious, of dreadfully tired. I think what makes us unique as a species, is our ability to house all these versions, and what’s more, for them to all live happily beside the others.

Sometimes they war, sometimes they fight for light, but on the whole, they all seem to help each other out, to figure out a way to move forward as that one thing, and for this reason, I am in awe.

Perhaps this year, I will give more attention to those variations, I will offer more respect to each and every one of them, give them all their space to shine. It’s the very least I can do.

One but still many,

a thousand variations

of this worn out soul.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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