One Day We'll Be Off | 2.17.21

Have you, yes you, stopped to think of what it will truly feel like when the world opens back up, when our feet leave the earth in airplane cabin and we land on some distant shore? What will you experience, what will you feel in the center of you? I’ve not let my mind truly wander here, it’s too painful still being landlocked and still for a year now, but I dream of it, it sneaks into that place I’ve no control over, but escape to each night. I wonder what it’ll be boarding that plane, wonder what it’ll feel like settling into a rental car, driving off and getting lost again, finally. I know we’ll be off, I know we’ll float away like bubbles and pop with joy on some new stretch of road, but until then there’s not we can do but wait, but endure, but spread joy to those we can spread it to in the meantime.

I don’t know where the first other place will be, I don’t know the sounds of that landscape, nor the light that will find me there, I just know I’m ready, and while I’m trying all I can to be patient, my god it’s hard.

I’m here to say, be gentle with yourself as you ache for something different. There is no shame in missing the life you lead, no guilt in wanting to live it again. We worked hard for what we saw, all of us, and we deserve to see it again.

I ask you now, what will it feel like? What will you experience? What, of all things, are you most excited for?

One day we'll be off,

slowly floating like bubbles

to some other place.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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