Reach In And Save Me | 2.2.21

If you’re sick of me speaking about what life can be life on the Spectrum, apologies, I’m just trying to highlight what it is that makes me tick over here, what it is that connects us through words, through images, through life. I think many of you out there reading this newsletter each morning may relate to how I feel, and often. I think even if you’re not dealing with ASD, you’re still feeling many of the same rises and falls, dealing with empathy, with joy, with sadness that can creep in without really explaining itself. That’s why I keep doing this, that’s what I hope to normalize here, that how you're feeling is ok, that someone, somewhere, probably feels the same, that help is always out there.

From time to time with me, I fade away, fall deep into my own mind, and everything else kind of vanishes into a periphery of sound. Sometimes, and my wife would have to ring in down in the comments on if this is true or not, I think you can almost see it coming, you can know it’s on the horizon. Sometimes I think it comes out of absolutely nowhere, blindsiding me and pushing me into this weird dark well of myself without understanding how, it just depends. What I need during these times, and what you can learn about yourself if something similar happens to you, is patience, is understanding that me feeling this way is in NO way about anyone other than myself. I am not upset with anyone, I am not angry, I am not anything towards anyone, I am just lost inside. The thing is, THIS IS OK. This can happen, this is allowed, we just have to give ourselves time to crawl out, and having someone that truly understands this is invaluable. Understanding this about ourselves, even more so.

Next time you’re feeling this way, breathe, give yourself the room you need to feel what you’re feeling, and feel no shame in this.

If I fade away,

drift off and into myself,

reach in and save me.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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