Regeneration | 12.17.20

Trapped inside, we, a generation of people that forgot we began outdoors. Hours we spend looking at trees through window panes, watching storms drop rain, unable to smell it as it hits the earth. We forget our roots, and we wither and wonder why. I know Winter is hard, I know the chill can come and settle over things, paint in frost the world you knew, I know it’s hard with so little light, but we must resist. We must begin this resistance now, and we must carry it with us through the Spring, long into the Summer, the Autumn, and back into the next Winters of our lives. We are built to open the windows, run out the doors, and get lost in nature, we are built to recharge the batteries inside us with sunlight, for we are solar after all.

As we melt into the surroundings of our homes, into the couch cushions, the barstools, the computer chairs that spin, we misplace pieces of our soul. I am here to remind you that we are capable of regeneration, that we can grow back all we lose, geckos in this modern world. Open your doors, brave the chill, the heat, the frost, the storm, and step outside. Regenerate, regrow, and begin again. Make this change a permanent one, and I swear to you, your life will unlock.

Open up the door

and step outside for a time.


Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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