Signal Fire Frequency - Need Your Feedback!

My friends, my family, my loves, I need your help here! Been hearing through the pipeline that having this newsletter be Daily is causing some, for lack of a better word, exhaustion in lots of you. I have been hearing that having it come in literally every day is causing backlogs in the email, and a general feeling of overwhelmingness (not a word), and often even guilt when you miss a few issues. So my question is this, and I need some serious feedback. Do you think this would be better suited for weekly delivery rather than daily? There are some changes coming soon, some changes I’m getting really excited for, but I need some serious feedback first. Would you prefer this once a week? I could write a bit longer format for that post, and get very creative with it. I’ll still be offering (and updating) the extras for all of you wonderful folk that are part of the paid subscription plan (and to you, thank you times a billion, I’m always open for feedback on how to make your subscription even better too!), so Paid Subscribers will get a few more each week with the extras.

So…sound off quite simply (or if you wish you can write more to explain, whatever) with a simple: DAILY or WEEKLY in the thread below. I’ll just do the tallys visually :)