Slow Smoke Out Of Chimney Top | 4.19.21

Today, I want to talk about you. All of you, because you’ve heard from me sixteen hundred dozen times. You know what I want, some simple house with some simple peat smoke rising from the chimney, far away from all things, staring out at some sea. What I want to know is, what do YOU want? When you look forward at the future of your dreams, what is it you want? If you close your eyes and dare to dream, what is the landscape of that future? Is it seaside, is it mountains, is it city lights in skyscrapers tall? What illuminates the magic “someday” in your mind? What is it you’re working for, building towards, fighting to find? Who do you wish to be when you get to that perfect place of stillness we’re all aiming at?

I wish to see how wide the scope of our dreams truly spans, I want to see the geography of your hopes. What will come for you, if you get what you wish? Tell me, tell us, and let us support each others far away plans.

House on some hillside

slow smoke out of chimney top,

you lost in a book.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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