Stare At You Like Art | 1.27.21

Funny thing about art, for any of you who have wandered through a gallery, sat and stared up at the wall with some piece of canvas and paint staring back at you, and simply gotten lost, is that it does not require understanding to bring forth appreciation, to give rise to awe. We forget this, forget that understanding or being an expert in something is never a requirement to admire and love the beauty behind it. We forget that people are this way, too, that those who wander into our lives, stare at the paint and canvas we call a life and get lost in it, don’t have to understand us to find us the same. We don’t have to fully understand them to see the beauty that shines through all they say, they do, the way they live. What a fundamental shift it can be, finally realizing this, finally putting down the treadmill-like pursuit of total understanding for the people we spend a life with, the acceptance and appreciation despite that lack.

I try my best to treat those in my life with this awe and wonder, and while sometimes the lack of understanding can cause confusion and that confusion can lead to momentary lapses in my ability to find the beauty, for the most part I think I’m pretty successful. I stare, in awe, and despite not understanding, I find so much beauty. In her, in them, in you.

Do you?

Stare at you like art,

that I do not understand

but find beautiful.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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