Tall Trees And Soft Earth | 12.19.20

One of my favorite things, is discovering the way other cultures immerse themselves in the world around them. I love reading and learning about rituals, customs, even superstitions from different countries, and one of my favorites is that of “shinrin-yoku” or quite literally, forest bathing. In Japan, forest bathing is an extremely popular holistic approach to cleansing ourselves with the natural world that exists around us. A couple of days ago I mentioned something precisely like this, and then remembered shinrin-yoku and how important it can be. Put simply, it’s bathing yourself in a forest, a wild place, by not exercising, hiking, or jogging through it, but simply being in it. Absorbing the sights, smells, tastes, and emotions of the forest through all of your senses, allowing the natural world to cleanse you, to put your spirit at ease. It’s thought of almost as a bridge, forest bathing, as the more you open your senses, the closer you can close that gap between us and the natural world.

The simple fact is, by 2050 almost 70% of humans will live in cities, so this is needed now more than ever. Taking two hours to disconnect, unplug, and completely lose yourself in your own sensory processing of this stunning natural world, can do wonders for your health, mental and otherwise. For a bit more info on it, Time Magazine had a great piece here that I urge you to read, and then try for yourself: https://time.com/5259602/japanese-forest-bathing/

Once you do, please, report back, share with us how it makes You feel, tell others why they should follow suit.

Tall trees and soft earth,

the smell of perfect wonder.

Soon I will return.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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