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The Matchbook | 1.12.24

Little Bits Of Light

It’s colder than a well digger’s ass here in Montana. I think that’s how the phrase goes, my mom always used to say it and I don’t know if she got it confused with the one about something being a tight fit. Hopefully it’s the cold one, as I have no idea how tight a well digger’s ass is. Anyway, special treat today, we’ve got our dear friend Beavs (Woodland Brews) on as a very special guest. Hold on, this could get interesting.

There’s never been a better time to show your support for this place, to help me keep it alive. Plus, now you get to see video extras, AND LADY G’s LOVELY FACE and stuff like that, which is rad. If you wanna join us, it literally costs like $0.14 a day. 14 CENTS! Here’s how to join us:

Here’s the scoop, kids:

Lord G’s Finds:

  1. Octopus vs. Underwater Maze - Mark Rober, famous for many things on the internets, once built an entire obstacle course for his neighborhood backyard squirrels. The videos were amazing, and I rewatched them far too many times. Now, he’s back with another challenge, and another stunning creature, this time, an octopus that he woefully named Sashimi. Why people feel the need to name creatures after the version we eat, is beyond me, but to see the absolute genius of these aliens is spellbinding. You’ll fall in love with her, and her intellect is staggering.

  2. 10 of the Most Mystifying Open Questions in Science - Again no surprise here, as I love science stuff, I love space, and I’m constantly stretching my brain thinking about many of the questions posed here. Why do we dream? Are there other universes? What IS the universe made of? Turns out, it’s 95% mystery meat, and that blows my little mind. I love these unanswered questions, I Love that we know so very little, in the face of it all. What’s YOUR favorite unanswered science question? Dive in. Learn. Learn that we know nothing.

  3. Warren G + Kenny G Performing Regulators - My mom always loved Kenny G, his long curly locks, his enticing saxophone and clarinet and whatever else he played. His music and the tunes of Michael Bolton, filled the air often as a kid. Then I came along, and I replaced Kenny G, with Warren G, and listened to Regulators on repeat over, and over, and over again. Now, both our worlds are colliding. Here is Warren G rapping over Kenny G saxing, and my goodness, what an f’ing combo. I wish Nate Dogg was still here to listen to this majesty, and lend his voice in real time, to the collab. Still though, rad.

Lady G’s Finds:

  1. Where Should We Begin Game by Esther Perel - Beavs hates this game, as it forces you to open up in ways that can be more than a little uncomfortable. The kids hate it too, especially if we draw a pink triangle card, as those are always sex related, but we skip over them for everyone’s sake. This game is amazing, creates unbelievable conversations, and lets you know deeper into people than you’d ever be able to without it. FULLY recommend, as well as her podcast.

  2. The Best Chicken Soup You’ll Ever Eat Recipe - Clearly we leave out the garlic, but this soup is all ginger and turmeric tastiness and you don’t have to be sick to enjoy it. It is amazing for cold days, for those winter nights where you just want to get warm and eat something delicious and hearty. Ambitious Kitchen really nailed it on this one.

    image from Ambitious Kitchen
  3. The Call on This American Life - This episode of this amazing podcast that I’m sure everyone has heard of, was heartbreaking and beautiful. It’s about those put on-call for drug addicts that are about to do drugs, but want to talk to someone to make sure they’re safe. The people on the other line cannot stop them, but be there to “spot” them in case something goes wrong. Wow. Just wow.

Beav’s Finds:

  1. Fireflies Homemade Art - My aunt, Irmgard, made me this gorgeous piece of art she calls a Firefly, to hang in the windows of my home now that it’s in Montana. They catch the light, then scatter it across the room, and I absolutely love it. She makes them and you can see them on her Instagram, and if you’re interested in buying, reach out and she’ll arrange it!

  2. Maui Jim Second Reef Prescription Sunglasses - Prescription sunglasses are an absolute game-changer. I’m an optician in my day-to-day life, fitting glasses onto all sorts of people, and I just picked these up. I love the look, the shape, and the insane clarity of the lenses. If you don’t already have them, now is the time to invest in some prescription sunglasses. Your eyes deserve them.

  3. Tea Medicine by Wu De - I’ve always been a tea lover, and I’ve been making tea much more of a ritual over the past few months. I love the quiet meditation it affords, and this book dives so much deeper into the spirituality of tea, beyond just the obvious health benefits. I’m only part way through it but I absolutely love it, and fully recommend it to any tea drinker out there looking to find more ritual in the practice.

  4. PLEASE BUY SOME CALENDARS! - Ok, Tyler and Sarah really did work SUPER hard on these calendars, trying and I think succeeding in making them beautiful, and useful, and analog fun. They have a ton, and they really want YOU to have one!

2024 Calendar Cover Mockup.jpg


We love you all. Be good.

Signal Fire by Tyler Knott Gregson
Signal Fire by Tyler Knott Gregson
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