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The Matchbook | 1.19.24

Little Bits Of Light

Is there reason to hope that Winter here in Montana might not be as bad as we thought? Tough to think so right now, as we’ve 22 inches of snow on the ground, and it’s still below zero, but I just saw a report on The Weather Channel that said our February could be “WAY above normal.” I’ll take it. Anyway, here’s some hot links to melt your cold snows. Yep.

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Here’s the scoop, kids:

Lord G’s Finds:

  1. Wiley Wallaby Hot Cinnamon Licorice - I don’t even like sweet things very much at all, never have, but I DO love things with C Spice. Hot Tamales, and now this beautiful licorice. It’s the perfect texture, not too spicy at all, and just leaves a really good taste in your damn mouth. If you’re at ALL a licorice fan, it’s worth adding into your rotation. Mmmmmm. Too bad I can’t pronounce the actual word. Oh well.

  2. Smallest to Largest Things In The Universe - Though we shouldn’t think so, this video puts is smack dab in the center of the universe, at least on a size scale. I love the way this channel displays their information, in such a colorful and entertaining way, and this video blew my mind about the sheer scale of things that surround us, both big, and small. Perhaps we really are the center of all things, I don’t know, but my goodness it’s interesting to see things like this, to open our eyes a bit wider. Why not?

  3. Murder at the End of the World (Soundtrack) - I am worried Lady G might share the show itself, so if she does, I’m going to just share the official score, because holy shit, was it amazing. The music becomes a character in this show, sets the moods, sets the tones, and makes you both scared, and emotionally invested. If she doesn’t share the show itself, please, please watch.

  4. 100 Tiny Changes To Transform Your Life - I think I’ve shared something similar to this before, but I just found this list again and it’s amazing how making tiny changes in your life can lead to such big rewards. Everything from leaving your phone in another room when you sleep, to eating a more gut-friendly diet, to taking a short walk outside every day, this list has 100 things, crowd-sourced from real people, that help transform the life you’re living. That’s a beautiful thing friends. Do you have any tips You’d add?

  5. 10 Unbelievable Treasures Archaeologists Dug Up This Year - I love Indiana Jones, always have, always will, I wanted to BE him for half my life. So, when I read articles about extraordinary treasures that these scientists are still, to this very day, unearthing, I get more than a little excited. Here are 10 finds that occurred in this past year, that blew my little mind. Personal favorite, a sunken underwater temple absolutely overflowing with treasure in Egypt. Yep. My imagination is never coming back.

    © Amgueddfa Cymru — Museum Wales

Lady G’s Finds:

  1. A Murder at the End Of The World - This show, and the connection between Bill and Darby, especially in the bar scene, my goodness, it just reminds me so much of Tyler and I, and it hurt, and it was wonderful. This show is not as scary as they make you think, and is just such a great escape. If you’ve not seen it yet, I FULLY endorse it.

  2. Loving Kindness Meditation - I’ve been doing this, every day, for 10 minutes. Starting with the widest circle from me, and eventually returning to the tiniest of myself, I send out loving kindness, wrapping everyone in a warm golden glow, and it’s made me feel so much different about life, and those I share it with. What a beautiful thing.

  3. Most Dazzling Aurora In Decades! - If you know me at all, you know how much I love the aurora borealis, and even have an app that tracks it and alerts me when it’s going to be possibly here. This article says the next 10 months will be the busiest aurora activity in decades, and that excites me more than I know how to say. Buckle in, it’s going to be a beautiful sky year!

    © Stephanie Vermillion
  4. Amika Bust Your Brass Shampoo + Conditioner - I use this every week or so as the best-kept-secret to keeping my silver hair looking actually silver, and not yellow or faded and gross. It works a charm, it really does, and I recommend to anyone that’s finally ditching the hair dyes and letting their hair go au natural. It’s time, silver is stunning, let yourself find out!

  5. 5 Exercises to Build More Empathy - Going with my loving-kindness meditation, this article had some amazing, and simple, ways to boost the amount of empathy you’re capable of carrying. The more you do, the better you feel, the better you’ll be able to truly feel the human experience. We should all strive to be better humans, and this is the first step in that process.

    1. On Being with Pádraig Ó Tuama - Another beautiful episode of this beautiful podcast, and this one is about exactly what we’ve been talking about all day. Highly suggest you give this one a listen!

  6. My Homemade Granola Recipe - STOP PAYING SO MUCH MONEY FOR STORE BOUGHT GRANOLA! It’s just oats and nuts and you can make it better, cheaper, and healthier at home. Please, please try, it’ll change your life and save you so much money, then you can afford to be a paid subscriber here! Here’s the recipe I use, feel free to adjust as you need

  7. PLEASE BUY SOME CALENDARS! - Ok, Tyler and I worked SUPER SUPER HARD on these calendars, trying and I think succeeding in making them beautiful, and useful, and analog fun. We have a ton, we need to sell them or else they end up being just wasted and recycled. There is still so much time to get them before Christmas and Holiday shopping. AND For all you paid subscribers you always get a discount in the shop if you use the code: SUBSTACKERS. So please, order. Please.

2024 Calendar Cover Mockup.jpg


We love you all. Be good.

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Signal Fire by Tyler Knott Gregson
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