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The Matchbook | 12.15.23

Little Bits Of Light

A little heads up before we dip into the new year (Holy crap, already?): I decided The Matchbook is going to go to everyone again, now that Lady G and I are making these videos and loving them so much, and there’s a very important reason why, and I hope you take 2 seconds to read this:

I don’t ever want this place to feel like I am on a treadmill of constantly trying to “sweeten the pot” or bribe you or keep offering more and more things to try to convince people to hop on over and pledge their support by becoming paid subscribers. I only want you to do so if you’re able to do so, and I only want you to do so because you want to help keep this place alive, to help financially support something that takes up far more than a full time job for me. Obviously I’m going to keep the perks for the supporters there, and I’m going to share more and more exclusive poetry with all of those who do help each month, but I just cannot keep up with constantly trying to add more things or convince more people. I love this place, I think you do too, and if you ever have the means, or the desire, you can always join us in our wonderful conversations, gatherings, comments, writing prompts, and community. We’re here, and we love you, and dammit, everyone deserves to see Lady G’s gorgeous mug each week. That’s all.

Signal Fire is 100% user supported. If you love this place and wanna help keep it going, consider joining us as a paid subscriber!

Now, onward, as we’re MIDWAY through a month, holy b-nanas. 10 days til Christmas, that’s an even bigger *gasp* isn’t it? If you’ve not got your holiday shopping done, a gift subscription to this place makes a LOVELY gift. There’s a lot of people just waiting to join us on this free list, why not give the gift that keeps on giving? Anyhow, Lady G and I are back with some new hot links!

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Here’s the scoop, kids:

Lord G’s Finds:

  1. 20 Best Movies of 2023 - For the first time, maybe Ever, I have not seen a single movie on the Rolling Stone 20 Best Movies of 2023 list. Not a single one. I’ve either been too busy watching Great British Baking Show, OR, the victim of Lady G hating the TV being on so we really only watch 1 short episode of something a day. Or both. Probably both. The ones I really wanna see on this list: Past Lives, Bottoms, Beau is Afraid, All Of Us Strangers, and Killers of the Flower Moon. You?

  2. Civil War trailer - A24 doesn’t often put a foot wrong as a movie studio, they just keep making amazing films, and this looks to be terrifyingly on brand. Written by Alex Garland, who made The Beach, Ex Machina, and 28 Days Later, this film looks more like Nostradamus made it, and I’m worried it’s a sign of things that could come, rather than just a spooky romp through the divided state of things in this country. Either way, I’m in, and to see Kristen Dunst in a serious role where she gets to show her chops, is exciting. I’m in on this one, I’m in.

  3. Podcasts That Explain The 90’s - There simply isn’t a more truthful fact than this: The 80’s/90’s were the best decades ever in the history of ever. Growing up in them, being in High School in the 90s, is a gift I never deserved, but will always be thankful for. I miss those simple days of radness with an acute ache, and these podcasts are amazing for not only celebrating them, but explaining them for those that maybe didn’t get to enjoy them, either being too young, or too old, at the time.

  4. Kitchen IQ Knife Sharpener - Look, I don’t often talk about weird products that have made my life better, easier, and more enjoyable, but I’d be damned if I didn’t mention this one. We have a lot of knives, some very nice, some cheaper, and for Years I’ve just been using the little rod that came with them to keep them sharp, or what I thought was sharp. I found this little $10 gadget on a lot of lists of best knife sharpeners and thought I had nothing to lose to try it. Folks, Holy SHIT. My knives are razor sharp, I can slice through baby tomatoes without even moving the tomato, and it’s completely brainless to use. Seriously, sharp knives change everything. Just buy it. You’ll thank me later.

  5. Slip Away (Spotify Singles) by Perfume Genius - Perfume Genius are perfectly named, as they are indeed geniuses, and they perfume my life with their music. See how cheesy that was? This song is amazing, and this version of this song just feels GOOD. I don’t know what else to say, but thank You to them. Just thank you.

Lady G’s Finds (in her own words!):

  1. Handmade Christmas Ornaments - These are something I really enjoyed making, I’m going to try to make one every year going forward, highlighting one of my favorite memories of the year. They are super easy, especially if you buy an Instant Printer, I Love the Fuji ones the most, as you can print any photo from your phone or computer, not just the ones you take with the little Instamatic Cameras. Game changer.

  2. Egg Nog Snickerdooles Recipe - I love baking, a fact you well know by now, and I’m going to be including these in my little annual Christmas Cookie box I drop off at family and friend’s houses (shhh, don’t tell!) this year. This will ALSO be the recipe we’ll be LIVE BAKING this weekend on Instagram! (@LadyGregson and @TylerKnott on Instagram), so get your ingredients ready!

  3. North Pole Ninjas! - In case you didn’t know, Tyler and I wrote a children’s book a couple of years back, and we’re still prouder of it than almost anything else we’ve ever done. It’s about bringing kindness back to the holiday season, and infusing it into the entire thing, rather than having it linger on the periphery. It includes missions to give out to your kids, family members, office mates, or teammates, that help make that task even easier. What could be better?

  4. A Work Of Love - Orion Article - This beautiful article is about a young scientific illustrator who illustrated a book in the early 90s about homosexuality across animal species, and natural diversity, and its importance in showing the world that homosexuality IS natural, and not a human “choice” that so many morons try to convince the world of. Stunning read, worth your time, and the art is spectacular.

  5. The Friendship Problem by Rosie Spinks - Such a beautiful article by fellow Substacker

    that talks about this really sad, really prevalent problem that seems to be plaguing society now — the lack of real, true, deep friendships and the eroding ability to just drop by on the people we love — that never used to be a problem, and still isn’t in many cultures. What a read, what a beautiful piece, and it brings up so many questions on how we can, and should, try to do better.

  6. On Being Podcast Episode w/Vivek Murthy - Absolutely beautiful episode entitled “To Be A Healer” about some many things, loneliness chiefly among them, and ways that we can help each other, but mostly ourselves, feel less lonely in our lives. I cried listening to this one, just couldn’t help it, and I imagine you will too. My favorite quote:

    Look, I think that for every generation there’s a moment where they face a moment of existential change, where there are forces that are visited upon society that threaten our way of life and our way of being. And it’s up to that generation to figure out how to respond. To me, this is that moment and we are those people who have to take it upon ourselves to stitch together the social fabric of our country once again because it is the foundation on which we build everything else.

  7. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Gang of Youths - I LOVE this band, I love this song, and thank you so much

    for the tip-off to this. What a beautiful voice, and what a beautiful version of this song. Oof.

  8. Calendars are 30% Off! - We Do NOT want a repeat of ending up with tons of stock of these beauties like last year, taking them to the recycling center, so we’re slashing prices. These are now 30% off and we lowered shipping costs too. BAM. Go snatch em up.

    2024 Calendar Cover Mockup.jpg

    30% Off Calendars!

We love you all. Be good.

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