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The Matchbook | 12.29.23

Little Bits Of Light

I’ll be darned, the FINAL Matchbook for 2023. The last. The very last. Today we’ve got a special treat for all of you, as our dear dear friends Lynzee and Lauren are here with us as rad guest hosts. This time, we’re each picking two items, and I love that we have NO idea what they are gonna be until we say them. Oof. Back to regular programing next week, but hold onto your horses, we’re a wild bunch together haha.

As a final gift, here at the turn of the year, why not join us and be part of this amazing exclusive community? We’re here, we’re ready, and we love you:

Here’s the scoop, kids:

Lord G’s Finds:

  1. AYO: Premium Blue Light Therapy Glasses - I’m only two days into this, it may be total shit, but I don’t think so, and I’m fully willing to risk looking like a weird extra from Star Trek if there is a chance it’ll fix my circadian rhythm, reduce symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, and help my sleep deepen, why the f not? It’s 20 minutes a day, the reviews are insane, and I read about this in an article from Esquire, where the author was fully on board after only using it a week. Why not?!

  2. Kottke’s 52 Interesting Things - Long been a fan of Kottke’s site, his unique finds, and the way he has built a community, but this time he ended his 2023 with a wrap up of 52 interesting things, and my goodness, some are so fascinating. Did you know that Swedish criminal gangs are using fake Spotify streams to launder money? Did you know that Ernest Hemingway only used 59 exclamation points across his entire collection of works. Many more from where this came from. Enjoy.

Lady G’s Finds:

  1. Archetypes by Kim Krans - A huge part of our New Years Eve celebrations is pulling tarot cards, and Kim Krans (maker of The Wild Unknown deck) makes this beautiful set called Archetypes. According to the author, archetypes are, “the ancient, universal symbols that have endured across time and cultures and reside deep in our shared psyche.” This set is amazing, and the card we pulled in the video for all of you Light Chasers is so absolutely perfect. Fully recommend this entire set, and adding it to your celebrations.

  2. A Case Against Happy Hour - Similar to our chapter in Miracle in the Mundane, this beautiful article talks about the case against happy hour, against alcohol being the only way or reason so many of our social events take place, and even goes into the case against making food and drink being the main motivators for spending time with those we love. There are better options, and we can take those options and make them create richer experiences with those we love. Why not? Amazing read, amazing idea to take some of the ideas to heart.

    1. Prinbara Sweat Suit - This is my first sweatsuit, and while I feel like I just committed crimes in the United Kingdom, it’s hands-down the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. It’s slightly weighted, and it just feels fantastic. Treat YOSELF. You deserve this.

Lynzee’s Finds:

  1. Flex Menstrual Discs - If you have a uterus, you need these products. They are disposable alternatives to tampons that have changed our lives. They reduce cramps, they replace 5 SUPER tampons, and can be worn 12 hours at a time, and just work so much better. Seriously, if you’ve not yet, it’s absolutely worth a try.

  2. Vintage Duke Baseball Jersey - I recently was accepted into my Hail Mary nursing school at Duke University, and I start in less than 2 weeks. I wanted to have some amazing Duke gear to wear on campus but I didn’t want to just look like everyone else that found bookstore products, so I found this. It came from the Durham Vintage Outdoor Market, and I think it’s from the 80s. Rawlings makes it, and I love it so much.

Lauren’s Finds:

  1. Nextmug Heated Coffee/Tea Mug - My wife knows me better than anyone else, and knows that I only like my hot drinks if they are so hot they can melt metal. This mug, with its charging base (that also holds a charge so you can move it around!) has a “Piping” hot setting that I use religiously. It keeps my drink that hot for HOURS on end, so when I inevitably forget it somewhere, I don’t have to worry about it, or having to toss it out because it’s disgusting. THANKS BABE.

  2. Reasons Not To Worry: How To Be Stoic In Chaotic Times by Brigid Delaney - I deal with anxiety a lot, so this book has been amazing at helping me find calm, peace, and even a little stillness amongst all the chaos that life throws our way. The way she writes about Aurelius, and Seneca, and explains it in a way that makes complete sense and relates it to things going on right now is brilliant. Loved the parts about Dead Time vs Alive Time and how much time we waste with things like doom scrolling, when we could be applying them to things that make us Better. Fully recommend.

We love you all. Be good.

Signal Fire by Tyler Knott Gregson
Signal Fire by Tyler Knott Gregson
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