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The Matchbook | 1.5.24

Little Bits Of Light

First of the year, holy smokes, all those “3s” on your dates you’re writing are now “4s” and that’s wild. Just the Lady G and I this time around, back to our regularly scheduled program, and I hope that’s just fine and dandy for ya. There are some for reals exciting developments in this one, from Lady G’s mouth, so do stay tuned and listen up. Also…

It’s a brand new year, and this place is going to be better than ever…if you wanna be part of all the glory that’s to come, we’d LOVE to have you. It costs literally 14cents a day. Come, join us, help me keep this place alive, I swear it’s worth it:

Here’s the scoop, kids:

Lord G’s Finds:

  1. Huggaroo Warming/Weighted Neck Pad - A gift from the unbelievably kind Lady G this Christmas, this thing is weighted, unscented, and has this insane collar that rides up your neck to provide heat (after you microwave it!) so all those little aches and pains vanish. I’m always sore, so this beaut is a GAME CHANGER. Yep. I’m in love.

  2. Andrew Scott Breaks Down His Iconic Characters - Andrew Scott is, was, and always will be one of my favorite actors of all time. His turn as Moriarty, and his performance in Fleabag cemented him as an all-timer. I love him in everything, always. This video is him breaking down his most iconic characters, and I absolutely love it. If you’re not yet a fan, you soon will be.

  3. Will 2024 Bring…FLYING TAXIS? - Turns out, yes, yes it will. Who knows how affordable it will be, who knows if it’ll even work at all, but the simple fact that we’re FINALLY starting to do things that look like the future we all dreamed about as kids is exciting. Plain and simple. Apparently they are gonna roll some out during the Paris Olympics, but hopefully we’ll see costs come down to earth and these be accessible for more than just uber-celebs or athletes soon enough. We’ll see.

  4. Love Lies Bleeding Trailer - A24 just keeps pumping out the best movies, seems like they don’t know how to Not make a hit, and this one looks batshit crazy, fun, beautifully shot, and has Ed Harris being a complete lunatic. Plus, Kristen Stewart is just always good. Even in Twilight. Fight me on that if you want.

  5. How 10 Minutes Of Silence Can Change Your Day - I’ve long been a fan of meditation, practiced it since I was 14, and can personally attest to all of this. Basically, adding in silence to your daily routine, even if at the start it’s while you’re doing something else, can have massive positive effects on your life. Start from there, build. This article has great tips on how to get into it. Here’s to some silence.

  6. This Modern Love by Bloc Party - This song made an appearance in that so-insane-it’s-viral film Saltburn, and it just made me remember I liked it for a time, and like it again. Cool. Also, don’t go licking the bathwater drain, ok?

Lady G’s Finds:

  1. 9 Ways To Get Healthier In 2024 Without Really Trying - Getting healthier is hard. There, I said it. Doing so because you made a resolution, can be even harder. This NPR article has 9 simple ways you can actually get healthier without even really trying very hard at all. Who doesn’t need that? Who!? Do you have a favorite tip from this list?

  2. NEWLA - You may be asking what in the world a Newla is, and you’d be right to, because I think we just made it up. Basically, as a way to stretch my horizons in 2024, I want to start offering my expertise and services up in a whole new way. Think of this as a Doula for New Moms. A Newla. Get it? I want to help new Moms overcome their anxieties, fears, apprehensions, and confusions, by offering up counseling and interaction, either in person or on Zoom, in which I help with anything and everything that might be worrying them, or causing them stress when they come home with their new babies. I have my degree in Early Childhood Special Education, have had two kids of my own, and coached numerous friends and family through this transition, and I really want to do more of it. If you, or anyone you know, is in need of this, please reach out! Much more to come on this soon.

  3. Chocolate Bundt Cake - I made this for New Year’s Eve, and to say it was a hit is a massive understatement. This recipe is mind-blowingly perfect, and every single person who ate it wanted more. Well done Two Peas and Their Pod, you really nailed this entire recipe. Also, the silicon bundt pan I made it in really gave it a fancy, fun, feel. Get it here.

    image from Two Peas and Their Pod
  4. Elopement Planning Services Too! - Ok, so it’s not just the Newla thing I’m super excited about, as this holiday has been one of self-rediscovery. I realized, one of the things Tyler and I always end up doing with every wedding we photograph, is everything else that isn’t photography. We help plan the day, we help get them into the dresses, we help make the bouquets, we help make the boutonnieres, we walk them down the aisle sometimes, Tyler has even officiated (and written the entire ceremony!) for some. We basically help plan and execute the entire process, and dammit we’re good at it. We want to start offering this “all-in” type package as a service, with a la carte options too. I think it could be really beautiful, especially for so many of our LGBTQ+ friends who feel so utterly lost when trying to plan a wedding, often with so little support. Again, reach out, and stay tuned as we figure this out more!

  5. Himalayan Cedar Rope Incense - Hands down my favorite incense we’ve ever burned in the house. I cannot even properly describe the smell, it’s just so magic and peaceful. Tyler bought me this for Christmas, and I absolutely adore it.

  6. PLEASE BUY SOME CALENDARS! - Ok, Tyler and I worked SUPER SUPER HARD on these calendars, trying and I think succeeding in making them beautiful, and useful, and analog fun. We have a ton, we need to sell them or else they end up being just wasted and recycled. There is still so much time to get them before Christmas and Holiday shopping. AND For all you paid subscribers you always get a discount in the shop if you use the code: SUBSTACKERS. So please, order. Please.

2024 Calendar Cover Mockup.jpg


We love you all. Be good.

Signal Fire by Tyler Knott Gregson
Signal Fire by Tyler Knott Gregson
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