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The Matchbook | 3.15.24

Little Bits Of Light

This one went out a bit late, apologies, my migraine you see in the video got way worse after filming this. Sorry! Anyway…Beware the Ides of March my friends…or don’t, cause you’re not Caesar and The Matchbook is here to protect your back from incoming knives. Isn’t that what happened? I don’t remember. Anyway, ON TO THE LINKS!

It’s been a TOUGH few years on our front, and it’s getting tougher to keep all this content coming. If you wanna help make sure it stays around, the best way to do so is join our little community. I’d love you forever!:

Here’s the scoop, kids:

Lord G’s Finds:

  1. Oxygen Treatment for Headaches - As you know by now, I get chronic migraines, tension headaches, and cluster headaches. I hate taking chemical based drugs, as they mess up my Autism, and I’m allergic to Ibuprofen and NSAIDS. I advocated for myself and got high flow (15lpm for 15 min each time) home oxygen prescribed, and it’s changed my life. It doesn’t always stop the headache, but most often, it does, or at least knocks it down to a manageable level. If you suffer from headaches like I do, I strongly urge you to talk to your doctor, and demand to at least try it.

  2. The Paradox of an Infinite Universe - I love science, you know this, and this video was just so mind-warpingly fun and interesting. The idea, that if you went far enough, for long enough, through this insane universe of ours, eventually, you’d find yourself, reading this article. Wrap your head around that kids. And watch the video haha.

  3. Gen Z Beowulf - This is just brilliant in every single way. What if Beowulf was translated in to Gen Z slang? What if, indeed? John-Clark Levin answered that precise question, and the result is absolutely hilarious. Here’s a short clip:

    There was Shield Sheafson, canceler of many tribes,
    A high-key shredder of mead benches, flexing all over foes.
    This dragger of the hall-troops had come far.
    A smol bean to start with, he would glow up hard later on
    As his powers got fire af and his rizz went viral. Legend.

  4. Stop Basing Your Self-Worth On Other People’s Opinions - This is something I’ve been trying to drive home with all of you for a long time, and this article backs it up, and then doubles down, then dives deeper. It’s time we let go of ANY attachment to other people’s opinions of ourselves, and my goodness, the benefits when you do are so immense. Read this one, it’s worth your time.

    Gravity Images/Getty Images
  5. The Ultimate Vacation For Every Decade of Your Life - Apparently, experts at Travel+Leisure say there’s an “ultimate” vacation that matches up with whatever decade of your life you happen to be in. I didn’t know this. I won’t spoil them all, but apparently, both of us in our 40s, Lady G and I should be booking a hiking excursion to Machu Picchu, ASAP. On it.


Lady G’s Finds:

  1. Riff Rafa Baked Goods - I LOVE baking, something that should be clear by now, and so I decided to apply for my cottage license to actually be able to sell my sourdough breads, treats, desserts, and more, directly to people. I couldn’t be more excited, and have already had half a dozen orders from my first post!

  2. The First Bright Thing by J.R. Dawson - I love a book that transports me, and this does exactly that. Time traveling lesbians in a circus right after WWI? Sign me up. I’m not very far in yet, but so far, I absolutely love it. Reading should be fun, if what you’re reading isn’t, switch books.

  3. Brassic on Hulu - I think Tyler has mentioned this before on a Matchbook, but I haven’t so here you go again. This show is my favorite of all time and for those of you who are watching The Gentlemen on Netflix, they basically stole from Brassic, if you just replaced the posh rich people with down-on-their-luck poor folk in central England. WAY Better. Trust me.

  4. Homemade New York Style Bagels - I tweaked this recipe, as I always do, but they turned out absolutely amazing. It’s such a beautiful feeling to be able to save money, feed a family, and do something I Love doing, baking, all from home. Hence, Riff Raff at the number 1 spot.

    Image via Sophisticated Gourmet
  5. Strength Training - I never, ever thought the day would come that I would admit this, but Tyler was right, and weight lifting has absolutely changed my entire life. I no longer (always) look at food as the enemy, I See it as medicine, as fuel, I feel capable, I feel strong, I feel sturdy, and I feel like I can handle myself. Finally finding something that makes you feel powerful is a life-altering thing. I highly, highly suggest it.

    PeopleImages via Getty Images

We love you all. Be good.

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Signal Fire by Tyler Knott Gregson
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