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Little Bits Of Light

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Guess what, it’s March, what’s supposed to feel like Spring, and instead IT SNOWED AGAIN AND AGAIN HERE IN MONTANA. DAMMIT. Sorry, a brief outburst, but I’m ok now. I just am so very over Winter, so very, very over Winter. Anyway, here’s some hot links to warm me up, cause it’s probably fine and warm where you are haha.

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Here’s the scoop, kids:

Lord G’s Finds:

  1. 20 Brutal Truths To Help You Get Your Shit Together - Sometimes we need a slap of truth to help us shake the cobwebs and remember that life ain’t always fair, but we can still rock through it. These 20 brutal truths are a wakeup call maybe we all need from time to time. Maybe. Maybe not? You tell me. A few faves: “Your comfort zone is your growth barrier,” and “Happiness is a fleeting state.” Oof.

  2. Slow Meadow Album by Slow Meadow - In this eponymous album, Slow Meadow has released what just may be the perfect writing, meditating, napping, massaging, relaxing music. I have been playing this obsessively since

    introduced me to it, and I love it more with every listen. Put it on in the background and disappear into it.

  3. Teenagers At Home in the 80s and 90s - After reading the devastating article in the Atlantic about mobile phones, social media, and what it’s done to childhood, seeing this article with pictures of random teenagers just randomly hanging out in their bedrooms in the 80s and 90s with not a single phone in sight and the complete obliviousness as to what was about to come. I love it for feeling trapped in time, for feeling some weird combination of innocent and on the cusp. I don’t know, I’m such a sap. Here are a few:

    image via Flaskbak
    image via Flashbak
    image via Flaskbak
  4. How The Dutch Solved Street Design - America doesn’t do a lot of things right, that’s a simple truth, but one of the most glaringly obvious ways we fall short is made clear when you travel outside of this country and to a place where they do things, well, better. The Dutch have solved and nailed down a fundamentally dangerous and horrible aspect of American life, and that is street design, car-centric lifestyles, and the dangers that brings. This video is amazing in showing just how simply they did their redesign, and the insane benefits that came once they did. We can’t get rid of cars, but we can plan our cities and streets in a way that makes everyone safer, happier, and everything way more beautiful. The Dutch did, so can we.

  5. True Detective: Night Country - Digging this so far, it’s creepy, it’s atmospheric, has cool music, has Jodie Foster rocking and eating up the screen, and reminds me that as bad as Montana can feel in the Winter, it ain’t as bad as Ennis, Alaska. Yep.

Lady G’s Finds:

  1. Tartine Bread Cookbook - Tyler surprised me just yesterday with this STUNNING book that really was the book that got not only Kitty (Bread Song) started with baking, but also came highly recommended by our dear friend

    . Tyler’s ridiculous, but I am so excited to own this beautiful book!

  2. Top 10 Scenic Walks in Northern Ireland - Tyler and I are going to Northern Ireland in June to photograph a wedding, and when I found out there’s a short ferry to an island that’s filled with PUFFINS, I about lost my mind. Take your dramamine Tyler, we’re going. We’re GOING. These walks all look stunning and I cannot wait to explore. If you’re going to be there, or nearby, let us know!

    image via Ireland Before you Die
  3. Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe - These, with my own little tweaks, have instantly become my most favorite cookies of all time. I make them ALL the time, and I have a special order of these going out the door today! I Hope they are loved as much as I love them!

    image via TheVanillaBeanBlog
  4. Jeeves & Jericho Mojito Mint Tea - Tyler and I first had this delicious tea in a coffee shop in Kilkenny, Ireland, and we fell in love. I think bought a massive, expensive, ridiculous bag of it to be imported because I had no idea how much it’d cost, but we still love it. It’s beautiful to look at, and even more beautiful to drink. Mmmmm.

  5. Book Update! - Still reading The First Bright Thing, still loving it, still wanting you to read it! IT’s all things, wrapped into one. What more could you ask for?!

We love you all. Be good.

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