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The Matchbook | 5.3.24

Little Bits Of Light

After a week off, we’re BACK with all new hot links, all new weird crap we dug up and found interesting, and oooh baby it’s good to be back. This little Matchbook might be a once a month thing, might be once every other week depending on our travel schedules, and I think this way, there’s way less pressure to keep finding things we might not Actually think are that interesting, so you don’t get burned out seeing us. Yeah baby, yeah. Anyway, onto the links!

There’s never been a better time to show your support for this place, to help me keep it alive. Plus, now you get to see video extras, AND LADY G’s LOVELY FACE and stuff like that, which is rad. If you wanna join us, it literally costs like $0.14 a day. 14 CENTS! Here’s how to join us:

Here’s the scoop, kids:

Lord G’s Finds:

  1. What Does The Universe Smell Like? - A question most people probably have never bothered even thinking about, let alone asking, but it might come as no surprise that I’ve wondered this many, many times. Turns out it depends on what you mean by Universe and your idea of outer space. Space stations like the ISS, it turns out, have their own smell, and it’s mostly that of seven people living in extremely tight quarters without the ability to get very clean all the time. Yikes. SPACE though, the UNIVERSE, it turns out, can smell like everything from seared steak to gunpowder to even the smell of rum. Weird.

    Image credit: © Imran Chowdhury/IFLScience
  2. The Pyramids of Giza Shrouded In Mist - Look, I’m a die-hard Indiana Jones fan, always have been, always will be. Those movies mean more to me than I can even explain to you, and so when I stumbled onto these unbelievable photos of the pyramids, taken by an Egyptian photographer, Karim Amr, I was blown away, and just in absolute awe. I follow him on Instagram now, and it was a very, very good decision. What a beautiful place, one I need to visit before I die.

    image via Karim Amr
  3. Normal USA Stuff The Whole World Finds Weird - We travel a lot, so we’re keenly aware just how bizarre the rest of the world finds our silly country. These though, these things we all do and find normal that the rest of the world finds batshit crazy, is hilarious, and enlightening. Examples: Packing drinks with ice, advertising prescription medication everywhere, bringing leftovers home from restaurants, and throwing baby showers. More here, learn how weird we are.

  4. Beluga Lagoon Films - I shared their song last time, “Still,” and it’s still (see what I did there) on heavy rotation in our house, but then I stumbled on their series of short films that they make for their music. It’s all based in Scotland, it all makes my heart hurt, and the music in it is just staggeringly beautiful. If you need a touch of Scotland, and wanderlust, this is your stop.

  5. 4 Philosophers On How To Live A Happy Life - They might not always be right, but if you cherry pick from all of them, who knows, maybe you’ll knock on the door of the happiest life you could ever imagine. From being more spontaneous, to living with more virtue, to choosing the “higher” forms of pleasure over the “lower” ones, there are some great ideas in here worth perusing. Which do you think resonates most?

    eemage / Corbis / DeAgostini / Getty Images / Big Think

Lady G’s Finds:

  1. Cookin’ Something’ with Matty Matheson - Tyler and I have been watching Matty’s YouTube cooking show all week at lunch, and we’re absolutely in love. He’s brilliant, he’s hilarious, and he has RIFF RAFF tattooed on his knuckles. What more could you want? If you want a good laugh and to watch amazing food being cooked, dive in.

  2. Substack Newsletter!! - I have my very own SUBSTACK! That’s right, I Have a newsletter now that’s not only just my weekly, or twice a week, email of what I’m offering and baking each week, but it’s also a place where I’ll be sharing recipes, random thoughts about my life, behind-the-scenes peeks at my baking and my life with Tyler. If you wanna sign up, I’d love it, even if you don’t live in Montana. People have long been asking how they can support my little Riff Raff bakery without actually buying the bread, and this is a perfect way to do so, but even if you just always wanna be free, I’d love it too!


  3. CeraVe Tinted Mineral Sunscreen - Instead of BeautyCounter’s astronomically priced (and now failed) DewSkin, I’ve switched to CeraVe’s Tinted Mineral Sunscreen and it’s literally my only “makeup” I wear. Also, it’s SPF30 instead of 20, and it’s a bit thicker so it covers like a foundation. Basically, it’s amazing. Oh, and it’s only $12 for 1.7oz, which is like 1/10034034th the price. Yep. Switched.

  4. Vigilante Parade in Helena - A tradition since, I think 1927, and one that has very, very dubious beginnings. The Vigilantes were literally a lawless bunch that went around pretending to enforce their own laws, basically just revenge hangings, and now we have a parade named after them, EVERY YEAR, where high school kids build floats depicting everything from brothels (yes, high school girls dressed up like prostitutes lying on beds, no, I’m not joking), the Unabomber, hangings, and famous forest fires. Welcome to Montana. Photos of this year’s to come, don’t worry. We’ll be here at noon today. Wish us well.

    image via
    image via High Country News

We love you all. Be good.

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