Greetings Chasers…

1) Always love a good reading list - especially one that contains memoirs/biographies….

May I please suggest a book that was suggested to me by my local library (side note - if you are not currently utilizing the services - dare I say gifts - of your local library - you are missing out! Put a visit on your list for the weekend!) Anyway - please read (or listen to) “THE ANTHROPOCENE REVIEWED” by John Green <yes, “Fault, Turtles, Katherines, Alaska” John Green…wonderful non-fiction read!

2) Goal setting…I would say that I have learned during my time off of work and searching since my dad passed two months ago - that maybe you don’t call it a “goal” - but sometimes just having “structure” - a scaffold or bones to build your day upon and rejoice that something/anything got accomplished when you go to bed that night - is a very helpful thing.

Even if it is - wake up / make coffee / walk dog / shower / go to library / read / lunch / job search / meet friend / dinner / TV / bed… at least you have framework for your day…and that has allowed me to feel like I have accomplished something and not wasted an entire day.

I’m four in on that list…onto the next 😁

Grace and Peace and abundantly wonderful weekend vibes!

PS - Happy Father’s Day to all you dads, men who want to be dads, moms who have had to step into that role for their kids, “community” dads at your kids school or team or marching band or youth group, dads who have lost children too soon, dads who wish their dads were still around this weekend to celebrate with them… all love to you as you are celebrated!

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Just blasted that song by Ethel Cain in my car while driving home from work – oh man, when that guitar solo hits, *chills* 🤯 Great recommendation!

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Jun 17, 2022·edited Jun 17, 2022

I’m super excited for T shirts with this logo!! Can’t wait to snag a couple :) And I love the curated links to check out. Way more interesting than surfing the internet mindlessly, l love having a focus. Thanks Tyler as always!

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