The Movement Of Earth | 2.3.21

All things move, we are a planet and a people in flux, all things move but most are too busy moving themselves to notice. We’re spinning in the darkness, we’re spinning around the sun, we’re floating across lava on these pieces of continent, of earth, we’re the shore to a tide. I think often of how busy we’ve become as a species, all these things we convince ourselves are more worthy of our time, our energy, our life. Why do we give weight to what doesn’t matter as much as taking the time to stop, to breathe, to feel the earth beneath our feet, to see the spinning of the stars? What would this world be if all this was reversed? If we were made to slow, to pay attention, to love and respect the wild places, to make our time indoors and in jobs and in office buildings and cubicles the rare exception to the beautiful rule?

I think of this, as I said, often. Too often perhaps, as there’s a futility in what I feel and what I see, little if anything I can concretely do to redistribute this energy on a global level, hell, even a local one. What I can do, is start with myself, with my family, with those close. I can start by readjusting value and worth and the importance we give each and everything we allow into our lives. I can start small, I can feel the earth shift beneath me, I can feel myself float through space, and hopefully, others will feel it too.

Do you feel it? Does it move you?

The movement of earth,

you can feel it if you stop,

if you stop to breathe.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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