The Real Route To Joy... | 12.2.20

I’m going to get real cliche on you for a moment, real self-helpy, real Tony Robbins…are you ready? The REAL route to joy (wait for dramatic applause from audience), IS LOVING YOURSELF. Yes, I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes and cringing right now, but I’m going to stick with this, and I’m going to double down and explain why. I have learned, in these almost 40 years (yikes), that we can hope and try and maneuver and position ourselves a thousand ways to be loved by others, we can date, we can have sex, we can fall in love, we can lose and start fresh, and no matter what, it only pours and fills our mugs 90% full. No matter how many love us, no matter how deeply they do, if we don’t reciprocate for ourselves, often enough to call it always, we’ll never be full. The ONE thing we have control of when it comes to love, is the love we give ourselves. I firmly believe, if we do not begin there, we’ll never learn how to give it to anyone else properly. We must begin with ourselves, placing the oxygen mask of appreciation over our own face before we even begin putting it over others. THIS, my self-help-receiving-that-you-never-asked-for-friends, is the real route to joy. This is the key. Plain and simple. Start now. Say something nice about yourself in the comments. First thing that pops into your head. What do you love?

The route to real joy,

the true path to happiness,

is loving yourself.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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