There The Rivers Speak | 3.24.21

There are places on this planet different from all the rest. There are places where you can feel the history, where the rivers speak, the sea sings out, the mountains whisper stories through the soles your boots as you walk upon them. Rare, these places, increasingly so as billboards litter hillsides, as the ever advancing crush of civilization and progress threaten their borders, but I tell you this now, there are places still, and when you find them, cherish them. You must hold them close to your soul, you must treat them with reverence, you must visit them often, and when you do, you must give yourself away to them. Over, and again, you must give yourself away.

I found places like this, we did, and there are two that by now, you all know stick out more than others to us. I post of them often, I share photographs, videos, poetry, and prose of these rare, isolated, perfect places. One day, perhaps I’ll take you there, meet you there on those mountainsides, by those rivers, in that sea, and we’ll cry together at just how big it can all feel. Maybe that’s where this is all heading, in-person gatherings in these pristine places for members of this crazy Light-Chasing community? Maybe we’re destined to have retreats together, to write, photograph, explore, and protect these places as one thing, one group.

Would you want this? Would you do this? Would this be a service you’d be willing to try out? Hmm….wheels are spinning. Maybe there’s an answer here.

There the rivers speak,

the sea sings out from beyond.

It's there we are home.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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