These Are Winds Of Change | 12.10.20

I may be wrong, time might prove me an unreliable prophet, but I feel a change coming. I feel something shifting in the universe, and I feel a weight lifting. I think light is coming back, I think there is a freedom whispering on the horizon, and it’s getting louder by the day. I know this is painfully vague, I know this is the worst Nostradamus impersonation I could possibly do, but I feel it, and it’s colored in the orange huge of hope. I think we’ve endured a lot over the last years, the last months that have felt like years, and I think we’re going to be rewarded with something good soon. We have to hold on, to each other, to the hope, to the belief that more is out there waiting to find us. We have to hold onto the idea that we can survive more than we’d ever believe, that we’re able to endure when we think we cannot. I believe this. I firmly believe this, and I am crossing my fingers and toes that I’m proved right, and soon. Hold on, friends, wherever it blows, we’re going together.

Wherever it blows,

you and I will follow it.

These are winds of change.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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