Things To Come, Light To Chase

A New Era Begins

What Is All This?

You’re probably wondering at this point, what is all this hullabaloo? A new newsletter (I am calling this a SIGNAL FIRE, because that’s what it is to me)? A subscription option? What is the point of all this? Alas, I will do my best to explain, and to let you know why I’m so excited about the prospects of this new beginning as we jump forward. Here’s the jist:

I am tired. Plain and simple, I am tired of the way social media has been making me feel, has been making us all feel, and I am tired of relying on some magic algorithm by some giant computer owned by a giant business that does nothing but make itself money and hide art from those who have chosen to follow it, to support it. We’re told now, by artificial intelligence, what we should be seeing, liking, interacting with, and purchasing. We’re told what we’re allowed to see, despite us telling IT what we Wish to see. Somehow, things got turned around and made backwards, and I think it’s time we go back, back in time to a simpler way of doing things. Now, with this option, we decide what we see, and we decide what we follow, and we’re rewarded with that choice without interference. In short, I’m going to use this new Substack daily , as a way to deliver to you, all of you who choose to support, the poetry, art, and creations I make directly to your email inbox. No more checking social media, no more wondering when the last time the algorithm allowed you to see my work, simply check your email, and it’s there. Now, we get to comment, engage, interact, and support the art we wish to support without the middle-man.

On top of this, it also allows me to finally try to make a living doing what it is I love to do. For years and years, poets have been the only artists to constantly give away their art on social media for free. Musicians don’t upload a song a day for download, authors don’t provide a chapter each week of their new novels to read, and yet poets have been expected in the days of social media, to simply give their work away. Because I love all of you, and I love that you’ve all chosen to support me, I will continue to do this, and for any who sign up, send these directly to you each day. In addition, however, I am going to create an exclusive community based option to expand on ideas, poetry, thoughts, feelings, and interaction directly with me that lives just behind a tiny paywall called a Paid Subscription. Speaking of…

Paid Subscriptions

In short, this is a chance for any of you who want to join, to get access to all the full-length poetry, insights, writing prompts and advice, community, and extras all for less than the price of a couple of donuts each month. For $5 a month (or only $55 for the year, get one month free!) you get access to Everything I make, and I’ll be constantly tossing in extras too. It’s a way for me to make a living, support a family, and right now it’s more needed than ever as my lovely wife and I haven’t been able to work since March with COVID ruining everything.

Bottom line, I’m really excited to be connecting Directly with you, to be de-evolving back to a simpler time where we chose what it was we wanted to see, and how we wanted to see it.

So, welcome, and I do hope you’ll join in on the fun. Feel free to share this link with anyone you think wants to be a part of it.

Stay tuned, it’s gonna be fun.