This Day Is That Day | 12.23.20

Do all days right now feel the same to you, too? Do you feel yourself turning into this odd shell of a human with longer hair, longer beard (if you’re a beard growing type), and wearing softer clothes than ever before? This year, this insane flaming pile of flaming poo of a year, has been one of the strangest in human history, and we’re all changed for it, but…but…WE ARE STILL HERE, dammit, still fighting the good fights, still persevering despite so many reasons to just give up and stop caring. We care for each other, we care for our families, our friends, our neighbors, hell, strangers halfway across a globe. We are still here, and I call us heroic for this.

So, wherever you are right now reading this, whatever you’re wearing, whatever anxiety, dread, longing, or ache that may be in your heart, know you are made of such strong stuff, and it’s inarguable now, you’re a warrior poet that is capable of more than you ever thought possible. My beard grows longer, my patience thinner, but dammit, I’m here, and I love you all.

This day is that day,

that day the one before it.

My beard grows longer.

Haiku on Life by Tyler Knott Gregson

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